An immersive learning experience
into the theory and practice of service design


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Service Design South is a learning experience for people interested in practicing service design.
It takes place during summer in Siracusa, Sicily.

It is shaped for professionals that know already something about service design and user centred design.

During the 6 days course we blend theory and practice of service design and give participants the opportunity to work on a real life project.

The course pillars

clarity making

We encourage people to go beyond jargon and buzzwords to reflect on meaning, making sense of definitions, tools and approaches across disciplines for a shared understanding.

learning by doing

We believe in hands-on learning, that’s why you will work with local clients, on real life design briefs, using the context and existing resources to train your skills.

peer learning

We want to enable peer learning. You can be a designer and learn from service providers, developers or business people. You will work in group, share experiences and create new knowledge.

mindset focused

You can learn about tools and methods, or you can nurture your ability to design services in different contexts, according to existing knowledge, resources and capacity.