The second edition of Service Design South took place in July 2016 and lasted 10 days. We welcomed 11 international professionals, most of whom were already working on the field of service design. Peer learning and practical work where essential to compare approaches and definitions.

During the first week we explored the core tools and methods, touching on the different processes used when designing services. We hosted a workshop on participative service networks by Aldo De Jong, founder of the Barcelona based agency Claro Partners, exploring collaborative economy models for service development and delivery. During the second week we put theory into practice with real client group work.

We learnt that people understand and applies service design in different ways, that combining professional mindsets can be challenging but also a resource, especially when working on complex services.

And of course, we had few drinks, shared dinners and a lot of fun!

2016 edition in numbers

11 partecipants

9 nationalities

2 challenges

5 team members

3 guest speakers

tons of sticky notes!


Real case studies we worked on

Regional Museum Paolo Orsi

Attracting more visitors by leveraging the archeological network
The Archaeological Museum "Paolo Orsi" is an important archaeological museums in Europe. Since 1886, the treasures of ancient art discovered in eastern Sicily are kept here. The museum is vast, it is 12,000 square meters over two floors.
In June 2016 a new archeological network was founded, the "Polo Regionale di Siracusa per i siti e i musei archeologici - Museo archeologico regionale Paolo Orsi”. This network is headed by the Paolo Orsi museum, and brings together museums in Siracusa, Lentini and other archeological areas, such as the nearby ancient Greek Theatre.
How can we attract twice as many visitors to the Paolo Orsi museum in the next two years? How can we promote the museum and its activities within the new local archeological network?


Sicilying is an agency founded in 2012 in Catania that focuses on experiential tourist services in Sicily, works with many Sicilian operators and has a strong presence locally. The agency unique selling points is to provide experiences customised to traveler’s needs. So far Sicilying has collected about 500 experiences in Sicily. Requests are made in two ways: through the website and through the customer service, by email / phone.
Managing client requests is a challenge for Sicilying. The agency is proud of the way they manage online request with a few weeks notice, but struggles with last-minute requests because of the availability of the local organisations they work with.

Our 2016 Team

Beautiful people that made it possible

Vincenzo Di Maria


Jonas Piet


Marzia Aricò


Claudia Busetto


Luca Piceno

Course assistant

Aldo De Jong

Guest Workshop

Toti Di Dio

Guest Speaker

Domenico Schillaci

Guest Speaker

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