Welcome to Siracusa


Sicily is the largest island of the Mediterranean Sea, a cross-section of many cultures reflected by traditions, architecture, language and rich cuisine. Welcoming but resistant to any form of change, Sicily is the land of missed opportunities, suffering from poor infrastructure and lack of services but full of resources.
Could you imagine a better challenge?
We want to take Service Design where is most needed.


Siracusa is a UNESCO World Heritage Site today looking for new models of sustainable development after many decades of industrial exploitation and architectural restoration. The main challenge for the city today is the conversion of old economical sectors from industry and agriculture to invest into tourism and new services.

How to get there

The easiest way to reach Siracusa is flying to Catania International Airport (check on skyscanner for best solutions) and then take a bus by Interbus line that in about 1 hour will drop you at Siracusa coach station, 15 minutes walk from Ortigia.
You can also rent a car, but please be aware that parking in the old part of town is not the easiest. You can also fly to Palermo, Trapani or Comiso, but transfer to Siracusa could become an adventure. If you are looking for a walk on the wild side take an overnight train from Rome or anywhere else in Italy. Check timetables and fares on Trenitalia.

The Venue

Service Design South venue is Impact Hub Siracusa – located in Via Mirabella 29 | 96100 Siracusa Italy.
Impact Hub Siracusa is located in the historical centre of Siracusa, on the small island of Ortigia, surrounded by Greek historical landmarks and a lively atmosphere. The venue was convent and then an art school before becoming a centre for social innovation and entrepreneurship in 2011. From co-working activities to community events and incubation programmes the spaces offers all the comforts of an office space and a suggestive training centre.

Visiting Italy without going to Sicily leaves no image in the spirit.
It is Sicily that is the key to everything!
  -Goethe, German Author