You can learn about Service Design, but what about experiencing it?

Service Design South is an immersive, hands-on course: you will learn about service design tools and methods, apply them on real client projects, then review results in a collaborative way.

Who is it for?

Service Design South is an intermediate course, for people who have some confidence with Human Centered Design. Whether you are a UX professional, a usability expert or a “design unicorn” we expect that you to know some basics such as double diamond processor mapping journeys.

The course is recommended for professionals expanding their design frontiers and thinking about a change of pace in their career.


  • Clarity of definitions, approachesand practical usage of tools and methods
  • A case study for your portfolio, something to show to your colleagues, boss ormum
  • A stronger professional network and hopefullysome new friends.

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What is Service Design?

We live in the experience economy and use services every day: from public transportation to the post office, from mobile banking to telecommunication and retail, from digital to physical channels.

Services are performances that can be designed, improved and optimised. Service Design is a strategic approach to deliver great user experiences while creating business value for service providers.

Service Design is for everybody.

Service Design is relevant to

UX, graphic, product design or any other creative field with a user centered approach

Service Providers
Managers and front line staff running backstage operations and delivering a service

Creative and strategic professionals managing and facilitating innovation processes

Startuppers and business owners who want to improve their customer experience

Civil Servants
Policy makers and employees who want to improve or innovate services for citizens

46 people from 25 different countries already came to Sicily for Design South!

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