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Concept, story and participants of the course so far

Why Service Design South?

Between 2011 and 2015 we ran a number of different Service Design short courses at Central Saint Martins college of Arts & Design, University of the Arts London and since then we have been collaborating with a range of other European institutions.

We learned that there is more than just teaching.
Some of the most powerful learning happens outside the classroom, and that a learning doesn’t always start or stop with teaching.

So we shaped an end-to-end Mediterranean learning experience where we blend theory, hands-on practice, one-to-one mentoring, peer-learning and reflective moments with shared meals, a refreshing swim and some informal moments to create connections and a sense of community.


Who is it for?

Service Design South is an intermediate course, suited for people that already know some basics on Service Design or User Centred Design, but want to go deeper or wider.

Developing digital services 
If you work on the design and development of new digital products and experiences. For professionals working in the field of UX or interface design, information architecture or interaction design.
Delivering services in a specific sector  
If you manage information, operations and knowledge in a specific sector. For professionals involved in the implementation, delivery and monitoring of services for a specific industry.
Blending service design with other disciplines
If you work in communication and marketing, consulting and business development. For professionals who see the potential to expand their work in a new direction by combining it with service design.


Service Design South is designed around your needs

Discover what we are shaping for this summer!

A short course

Dive into the theory and practice of Service Design. Training with a team of experienced international practitioners

A professional challenge

Test your capacity to approach a real life client. Learn by doing taking Service Design practice to the real world

A networking opportunity

Meet and connect with a group of international professionals, sharing skills between design thinkers and service innovators

A holiday!

Enjoy a whole hMediterranean experience, Sicilian heritage, food and culture. Sea, sun and fun!

What is Service Design?

Service Design is for everybody.

We live in the experience economy and use services every day: from public transportation to the post office, from mobile banking to telecommunication and retail, from digital to physical channels.

Services are performances that can be designed, improved and optimised. Service Design is a strategic approach to deliver great user experiences while creating business value for service providers.

Service design is relevant to

UX, graphic, product design or any other creative field with a user centered approach

Service Providers
Managers and front line staff running backstage operations and delivering a service

Creative and strategic professionals managing and facilitating innovation processes

Startuppers and business owners who want to improve their customer experience

Civil Servants
Policy makers and employees who want to improve or innovate services for citizens

46 people from 25 different countries already came to Sicily for Design South!

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